Introducing the Beartrap Health: Elevating Recovery Mastery for Athletes and Beyond. Meticulously crafted to set new benchmarks in comfort, efficacy, and sophistication, the Beartrap Health redefines the recovery experience for both dedicated athletes and the broader population.

Included in the Package:
- 2x Lock Cords (Tucked away seamlessly within handles)
- 2x Foam Rollers for extended coverage
- 2x Foam Trigger Cones for precision targeting
- 2x Foam Trigger Balls for versatile relief
- 1x Foam Blocker for conquering stubborn knots
- 2x Soft Touch Handle Covers for an indulgent grip
- Bonus: Exclusive access to the BeartrapHub app

Elevate your recovery routine with the innovative Beartrap Health, a testament to cutting-edge attachment design. Embrace soothing comfort as over-moulded PU foam attachments gently caress your skin, providing an unparalleled sense of relief. With a broader configuration of 5 nodules (in comparison to the original's 4) and the convenience of ring lock attachments, every detail is artfully refined for effortless use.

Unlike its more intense counterpart, the Beartrap Health embodies the essence of rejuvenation and revitalization. The softer PU polyurethane foam attachments create a harmonious connection with your body, delivering targeted relief that penetrates tight muscles with finesse.

Experience recovery like never before with the Beartrap Health - where high-performance design converges with accessible effectiveness. Unleash your potential with the Beartrap Health, transcending boundaries and redefining what recovery means for both athletes and enthusiasts alike.