Introducing Beartrap Recovery - your ultimate partner in athletic rejuvenation. Crafted for both dedicated athletes and hardcore enthusiasts, this powerhouse recovery tool boasts rugged rubber attachments that deliver unparalleled depth and intensity to your treatments.

What's inside:
- 2x Lock Cords (Stored discreetly within handles)
- 2x Rollers for comprehensive coverage
- 2x Trigger Cones for targeted precision
- 2x Trigger Balls for versatile relief
- 1x Blocker to conquer stubborn knots
- 1x Attachment Holder for seamless organization
- 2x Texturized Handle Covers for a secure grip
- Bonus: Complimentary access to the BeartrapHub app

Our innovative Beartrap Recovery comes complete with an attachment holder, ingeniously designed to keep all components together. Attachments easily connect to the holder, which secures to the frame's bottom nodes. This smart arrangement ensures nothing gets lost when you toss it into your gym bag.

Firmer than our Beartrap Health model, the Beartrap Recovery is tailor-made for those who consistently push their physical boundaries.Whether you’re engaged in recreational sports, intense activities, or a professional training setting, the Beartrap Recovery stands ready to elevate your recovery ritual. Unleash the power of ultimate recovery with the Beartrap Recovery today!