Introducing the Rubber Upgrade Pack: Elevate Your Beartrap Health to Beartrap Recovery Intensity. Embrace a new level of self-treatment prowess by seamlessly transforming your Beartrap Health into the dynamic Beartrap Recovery experience. With the introduction of robust rubber attachments, unleash an unparalleled surge of power and delve even deeper into targeted muscle treatment. This upgrade is tailored for those who are primed to amplify their workout routine and embrace the full intensity of recovery.

Included in the Package:

- 1x Blocker (unilateral treatment)
- 2x Rollers (Featuring standard rings)
- 2x Trigger Cones for precision targeting
- 2x Trigger Balls for versatile relief

Empower your recovery journey with the Rubber Upgrade Pack, meticulously designed to seamlessly evolve your Beartrap Health into the immersive realm of Beartrap Recovery. Elevate your routine, transcend your limits, and redefine your recovery potential today.